Track air shipments in real time.

May 25, 2018

The main characteristic of air shipments is the speed that is needed to mobilize the different loads. This mode of shipment requires an immediate response time before any eventuality that may arise, maintaining an appropriate follow-up of the shipments; for this technology certainly presents facilities with the consolidation of information worldwide.

There are several sites on the internet that allow to show just the information that is required about the operation of flights worldwide; However, among so many technical terms, time zones, and destination airports, a site that is friendly to display all this information of interest is preferred.

Flight Aware ( is among the different tools to be implemented to track shipments. A very useful site with a simple presentation in which it indicates dispatch and estimated time of arrival to destination, even informs when the departure time has been reported late. The main feature is the fact of showing a map that shows the route of the plane, in addition to detailing different graphics, recording height and speed in real time.


It is important to clarify that this is a direct tracking of the flights; the system shows states and information regarding the aircraft and airline that has been selected. It is only necessary to know the airline and the flight number to make the query.

Regarding the tracking of air shipments, it is necessary to use the following website: where the status of air shipments is recorded, making inquiries only by entering the master guide number of the airline.

After confirming that the cargo has indeed been addressed to the assigned flight, it is necessary to follow the flight path, and mainly to know the hours in which the arrival at the destination airport is estimated in order to coordinate reception with the agents and do more efficient deliveries to consignees, all this through a flow of information that improves communication between the interested parties that track the loads.

Is this information useful? Do you know other sites for tracking charges?


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